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$760,000 Awarded to Woman in Car Accident Settlement

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A King County woman was awarded $760,000 after an auto accident in British Columbia.

Seatle’s Mary Mulcahy broke her sternum in a 1994 accident when another driver pulled out in front of her. She still has pain and persisting medical problems to this day.

Farmers Insurance, an American company, and the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia have worked out a deal in which Farmers’ U.S. customers are entitled to up to $150,000 if injured in an accident caused by a British Columbia driver. However, Farmers refused to pay Mulcahy the $150,000 the company owed her.

Mulcahy sued Farmers and was ruled against in two lower courts, but the State Supreme court reversed the lower court decisions, and the case was sent to King County Superior Court to determine the amount owed to her.

Farmers eventually settled for $760,000. The Insurance Journal provides the full story.