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Accidents on the Way to and Back from the Mountain

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Ski and snowboard accidents are a frequent focus of this blawg. However, even more frequent than skiing or snowboarding accidents meriting legal attention are accidents that happen on the way to and from the mountain.

On the way to Crystal mountain last weekend we saw a truck on it’s side in the middle of the road and another upside down in the ditch. Last night on the way to Whistler we saw a number of “near-misses”.

It’s really unfortunate when accidents happen on the way to or from the Mountain. It’s tragic when these accidents result in injuries or deaths. And that’s what happened last week near Mt. Baker.

Kyle J. Sonnen, 20, died on Thursday afternoon after his car hit a tree off Mt. Baker Highway. Sonnen attempted to pass in a no-pass zone, lost control of his 2000 Subaru station wagon and ran into a tree. The car crash is currently under investigation.

Please drive safely on the way to and from the mountain. If you are involved in an injury-accident, it makes sense to consult with an attorney. There are a myriad of issues–particularly in an accident like this where the driver dies–that require professional advice.