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At Least Five Die in Minnesota Bridge Collapse

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At least five people were killed and eight are still missing in the wake of the tragic Interstate 35 bridge collapse in Minneapolis on Thursday. Investigators still have not determined the exact cause of the accident. However, new information has surfaced that warning signs were present before the crash during construction projects on the bridge.

[C]onstruction crews working on the Interstate 35W Bridge had felt the structure “wobble” for several days before the collapse.

The bride collapse has led many throughout the country, including some in Seattle, to question the integrity of our own infrastructure.

This certainly was a tragic accident. But also one that likely could have been avoided. As more information surfaces about the exact cause of the accident, potential defendants in the case will likely surface.

Sadly, the Minnesota bride disaster is only the most recent and tragic example of the worrisome state of our nation’s infrastructure. In an age when we are spending billions of taxpayer dollars on an extremely unpopular (if not illogical) war, our own bridges, roads and schools are left to suffer.