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Bicycle Helments Make Sense–Seattle Leads the Way

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In Seattle, cyclists can be fined $42 if they’re caught riding without a helmet. There was some opposition at first, but now, most cyclists comply. Starting in 2003, Seattle required cyclists of all ages to wear a helmet. The rural areas of King County surrounding Seattle have had a helmet rule even longer — since 1994. The rule in Seattle — a board of health regulation, not a city or county ordinance — was adopted after local studies showed that helmets reduced the number and severity of head injuries. A public awareness campaign followed, touting the money-saving and lifesaving virtues of helmets.

If you don’t wear a helmet not only is your chance of getting hurt increased, it’s also likely that is you do suffere a head injury the insurance defense attorneys will argue that you are comparatively at fault for your injuries even if you are hit by a car.