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Bothel Woman Killed in Head-On Collision

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A 60-year old Bothell woman was killed recently when an oncoming driver crossed the center line and hit her head-on. The accident occurred in the 20400 block of Woodinville-Duvall Road near Woodinville. The at-fault driver is a 43-year old Kirkland man who was driving a 1997 Dodge Ram. He was held after the accident on suspicion of vehicular homicide.

More information about this accident is available at the following link: Head-On Collisions Kills Bothell Woman.

Unexpected accidents such as this one highlight the need to purchase as much insurance as one can afford. An Underinsured Motorist (“UIM”) insurance policy guards against situations where an at-fault driver has inadequate insurance coverage. A Personal Injury Protection (“PIP”) insurance policy guarantees that an injured party receives compensation for medical bills, lost compensation and loss of essential services. Any driver who does not carry both policies places himself or herself at risk in case of an accident.