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Deputy Struck by Drunk Driver Improving

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King County Sheriff’s Deputy Donn Potteiger is improving after being struck by a drunk driver while on duty. However, Deputy Potteiger was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center where doctors were forced to amputate his leg.

Potteiger was hurt after being hit by an alleged drunk driver. His right leg was amputated below he knee Monday evening.

Washington worker’s compensation laws allow “fault-free” benefits to people injured while on the job. The catch is that injured workers can’t sue their employers. However, when the injury occurs on the job and was caused by a third party (as in this case the Deputy’s injuries occurred while he was working but were caused by the drunk driver, a third party), the injured worker can both receive worker’s compensation benefits (to pay for medical bills, lost wages, etc.) and pursue a lawsuit against the at-fault party. Unfortunately, these “third-party” claims are often quite complicated and mandate strict compliance with procedural requirements. Experienced attorneys can guide your family through the red tape.

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