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Driver Crashes Into Restaurant and Injures Diners

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A 26-year old Redmond man crashed his vehicle into an Indian restaurant in Redmond on Sunday, injuring five diners. The man drove his Honda Civic through the front window of Kanishka Indian Restaurant and smashed tables against the patrons. Four of the five diners were hospitalized.

The most seriously injured patron was a 30-year old Bellevue resident who sustained abdominal injuries and received treatment at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. Three individuals were hospitalized at Evergreen Hospital Medical Center in Kirkland. One was treated at the scene and released.

More information about this story can be found at the following link: Man Drives Car Into Restaurant, Injures Five.

There are multiple bases of potential recovery for the injured restaurant patrons. First, they can recover under the at-fault driver’s liability insurance policy. Second, they can recover from the driver’s PIP policy because they were pedestrians. Finally, they may recover money for their medical bills if the restaurant carries “Med Pay” insurance. This is an insurance provision that pays for some medical costs (typically $5,000.00) for anyone injured on a company’s premises, regardless of fault.

All injured patrons should contact a personal injury attorney in order to assess their rights.