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Hands-Free Devices Still Cause Driver Distractions

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While use of Hands-Free Devices is safer for drivers, studies show that the devices still cause driver distractions. This is because when a driver is talking on their cell phone, even with a hands-free device their brain is listening, processing and thinking about what is being said – even when the driver is trying to concentrate on traffic. There is a large body of evidence that talking on a cell phone whether handheld or hands-free, impairs driving and increases the risk of having a crash. Even with a hands-free unit, the driver must look to dial, focus to a certain degree on the conversation and concentrate to a certain extent upon the hands-free device. Avoid talking on your cell phone while driving, there are many opportunities to stop as you travel to initiate or take a phone call – take these opportunities when it is necessary to talk on your cell phone. Driving can actually provide the opportunity to take a rest or break from cell phone communication.

Be safe – don't be distracted!!