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Motorcycle Accidents Increase Among Baby Boomers

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As baby boomers look for ways to spend their disposable income, they are buying motorcycles in ever increasing numbers. Americans over 40 constitute the largest group of motorcycle owners in the country.

Unfortunately, this increase in motorcycle ownership also corresponds with an increase in fatal motorcycle accidents. Government statistics show that last year motorcyclists over 40 accounted for almost half of the 3,900 motorcycle fatalities in the U.S. Even in non-fatality collisions, motorcycle accidents can cause severe injuries.

The problem of motorcycle accidents among older riders has become serious enough that the Washington State Patrol and Department of Licensing are looking for solutions. Possibilities include increased testing requirements and requiring a motorcycle license before a sale can be made.

For more information about motorcycle accidents among older riders click on the following link: Motorcycle deaths among baby boomers increase.

Individuals involved in motorcycle accidents should contact an attorney in order to protect their legal rights. Motorcycle insurance policies are different from normal auto insurance policies and lawyers help maximize recovery for injured clients.