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Tarp on Highway Causes Accident, Killing One and Critically Injuring Mother and Child

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On January 23, a Tacoma man, his fiancée, her 5-year-old son and their 3-month-old daughter were driving southbound on I-5 when they swerved to avoid a tarp on the roadway. This set off a chain of accidents involving five vehicles. The Tacoma man died at the scene. His fiancée is seriously injured and the 5-year-old boy remains in a coma with critical injuries. Authorities believe the tarp came from a commercial truck and are trying to locate that driver.

Under the new Maria Federici law, a driver may be charged with a gross misdemeanor for failing to secure a load that causes an injury. Conviction of this gross misdemeanor carries a maximum jail sentence of one year and a $5,000 fine. This law also enables those injured to receive assistance from the state Crime Victims’ Compensation fund. Therefore, those injured in this accident may have civil claims against the truck driver and may be entitled to assistance from the state. Those involved in this accident should contact a personal injury attorney to discuss their rights and options.

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