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Tensions Between Cars & Bicyclists Remain in the Forefront of Public Concern

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The recent fatality of 19-year-old bicyclist, Bryce Lewis, was clearly on the minds of those participating in Seattle’s monthly gathering of cyclists’ at Westlake Center, called Critical Mass.

Critical Mass happens on the last Friday of every month and is an unstructured event that is a sort of peaceful protest. The event promotes the benefits of commuting on a bicycle, rather than in a car, and – by staging a large group of bicyclists in the middle of Seattle’s rush hour traffic – highlights the difficulties, and dangers, of these two types of transportation sharing one road.

The recent death of Lewis brought a certain poignancy – and a greater attendance – to September’s Critical Mass. Though Critical Mass has drawn some criticism the event increases awareness and succeeds in bringing attention to the close relationship between bikes and cars in Seattle.

It is important that bicyclists who are injured by drivers obtain the driver’s insurance information (by themselves or with the assistance of the authorities) and report the claim immediately to the driver’s carrier and their own carrier. Benefits may be available to pay medical bills and lost wages of the injured bicyclist regardless of fault.

For more information on this subject, please refer to the section on Car and Motorcycle Accidents.