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Winter Driving

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The Pacific Northwest is blanketed by snow which is to continue for the next 36 hours. Now, more than ever drivers need to put down their cell phones and pay attention to the roadway and cars and obstacles around them. A good example of this occurred yesterday when I called an electrician. His daughter answered his cell phone and said that her dad could not talk to me now because he was driving. She said he would call back when he arrived at his destination. Sure enough he called me 30 minutes later. I congratulated him for not taking my call.

As I was driving to the office this morning, I looked over at another driver and sure enough he was on the phone, going past me, in snowy conditions, with what appeared to be no worry or concern, although it was snowing heavily and the wind was blowing the snow sideways. Accident after accident are caused by a lack of driver attention.

Here are some suggestions for safe driving in the snow:

1) Slow down;

2) Put all you attention on the roadway, cars around you and any obstacles;

3) Always give yourself a much greater distance to stop – never follow another car closely;

4) Don't go up or down hills unless they are safely plowed or clear;

5) Remember that as the temperature rises, road conditions can become more dangerous;

6) Always take the safest approach;

7) Stop Early;

8) Start slowly;

9) Be prepared; and,

10) Think ahead and drive defensively.

These are just a few tips to keep in mind. Be safe on the roadway.