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Kevin Coluccio

How to react, when your child is bullied?

What to do? As a parent that is a common question when it comes to our children. When my son was being bullied at school by another student, my first reaction was to want to got directly to that…

Kevin Coluccio

The value and respect of the Elder



Injuries to our older clients

How many times do we have clients who are by definition…

Kevin Coluccio

Farm Injuries – Part 2 – Tractor Rollovers

I remember one summer while I was working on my Uncle's farm a local farmer being killed when the tractor he was driving rollovered and on top of him. It was a tragic event for the farming…

Kevin Coluccio

Farming Injuries – Part 1

I spent my summers growing up and many of my weekends during the school year on this farm. It is still owed and operated by my Uncle, who is one of the most wonderful persons in the world….

Mike Myers

Avalance Safety

There’s a lot of discussion about what do to do if you’re involved in an avalanche. But the advice about what to do if you’re in an avalanche really misses the point. Avoiding an avalance is the…

Mike Myers

The Open Window: Freedom and an Opportunity for Disaster

According to Herbert Hoover: Freedom is the open window through which pours the sunlight of the human spirit and human dignity. But open windows are also an opportunity for disaster.
I received an…

Mike Myers

Letting People Make up their Own Minds

I don’t think it’s effective to tell people what they should think.
It’s more persuasive to provide them with the carefully selected pieces of information and allow them to make up their own…

Mike Myers

Making the Case Against a Bar or Tavern

We’ve handled quite a few cases against bars and taverns.

They basically fall into two categories: drunk driving accidents and assaults.

The bar or tavern owner is responsible if they serve…

Mike Myers

Encroaching Trees-Rights and Responsibilities

We’ve handled quite a few cases involving trees.

Tree roots cause stub-toes in sidewalks. The stub-toes cause people to trip and fall.

Branches fall from trees. The branches damage property…

Mike Myers

How Much of Your Settlement Can Providers Take?

People who get injured are frequently reluctant to pursue claims. I think a lot of it has to do with the insurance industry and big businesses trying to shame deserving people by characterizing…