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Mike Myers

Make Sure Your Child Attends a Licensed Day Care

We’ve written before about abuse in nursing homes and other facilities for our parents and grandparents. But abuse can affect our children and grandchildren too. In Washington, persons caring for (1) children to whom they are nott related for (2) a fee must be licensed. Unfortunately unlicensed day-care facilities are operating across the State.If a day-care is unlicensed there are no stated…

Mike Myers

Turmoil at the Golden Star Adult Family Home

Adult family homes, nursing homes and similar facilities care for some of our most important family members and friends. We have a shared responsiblity to make sure they treat our loved-ones with the care and respect they deserve. Against this backdrop, troubling news out of Everett about a species of abuse:The license of a Marysvillle adult family home has been revoked by the state, alleging…

Mike Myers

Hundreds Of Elder Abuse Cases Missed Each Year

We see and hear about horrific abuse targeting the elderly, ranging from scams to neglect. One local case came to light in 2005, and it was a stomach turning investigation. A 75-year old Kirkland woman died after living in filthy conditions. Her daughter was convicted of neglect. Washington law provides substantial protection for vulnerable adults. These adults include–but are not limited…

Mike Myers

Don't Our Parents and Grandparents Deserve Better?

Many of our closest friends and cherished relatives live in nursing homes. We place our trust in the caregivers. When caregivers violate that trust, they need to face the consequences. And so must their employers. The headline read: “Nurse Surprised to Face Charges”. The story indicated that the nurse charged with killing her 88-year-old patient by neglect said Tuesday that she followed the…

Mike Myers

Nursing Home Abuse Leads to $1.9 Million Settlement

Last week the press announced that the family of a 76-year-old Longview woman, who died after suffering a head injury from a fall in a nursing home and being left undiagnosed for more than two days, will receive a nearly $1.9 million settlement.According to court documents, the woman was admitted to the Evergreen Frontier nursing home in January 2004 for rehabilitation from a stroke, where she…

Mike Myers

Nursing Homes Could be Judgment-Proof in Abuse or Neglect Cases

Nursing home operators have been frequently converting their facilities to LLCs, without long-term care liability insurance. Then when someone sues the nursing home for abuse or neglect, there is no insurance money to collect. As a result, the nursing homes are often worthless and judgment-proof.If your loved one has been abused in a nursing home, you should contact a personal injury lawyer…

Mike Myers

Elderly Deaths in Seattle Adult Family Homes Being Investigated

A Seattle detective has begun investigating deaths that occur in Seattle’s adult family homes, in an effort to crack down on cases of abuse or neglect. Adult family homes consist of up to six patients and generally have fewer employees than nursing homes. Often, because of their size, these types of homes avoid some of the scrutiny focused on the larger nursing homes.Protecting our seniors is…