Seattle, Washington


Kevin Coluccio

Mastering the Basics of Bullying With the Help of an Eight-year-old

When my second grader came home from school last year uttering the words, “Max is bullying me…” my immediate reaction was arguably typical for a trial lawyer who spends his…

Mike Myers

Sidewalks and Stub-Toes

Sidewalks are a big part of American life. They evoke images of neighborhoods, kids riding their bikes and walking from one place to another (instead of driving).
Sidewalks, however, are not…

Mike Myers

Injuries On The Reservation – Do The Tribes Have A Dog In The Fight?

Indian casinos punctuate Washington’s landscape. A quick glance into the rearview mirror while driving along any interstate or highway shows a backdrop of brightly lit buildings advertising…

Jenny Albano

Lawsuit Over Taser Use on Epileptic Settles for $90,000

A lawsuit for tasing and punching a man who had just had an epileptic seizure has been settled for $90,000. In addition, the settlement mentioned a new policy on Taser use in Lakewood in the $300,000 lawsuit brought against the municipality, the police department, Chief Larry Saunders and four other officers. According to Lt. David B. Guttu, the Taser policy changes listed in the settlement…

Mike Myers

Breach of Trust and Confidence

A female patient of Dr. Chris Woodja, a dentist who practiced in the Shoreline area, was found heavily drugged and half-naked in his office on October 17th.The patient had come in for treatment of an abscessed tooth. Reportedly, Woodja had contacted the patient’s roommates prior to the appointment and requested that the patient bring “the additional four tablets of Triazolam” he had prescribed…

Mark McLean

Gig Harbor Woman Mauled in Pit Bull Attack

Sue Ann Gorman of Gig Harbor was mauled by two pit bulls in her home Tuesday morning. The pit bulls entered the house through an unsecured pet door in Ms. Gorman’s home. Ms. Gorman was sleeping beside her neighbor’s Jack Russell Terrier, Romeo. Romeo was killed and Ms. Gorman was severely injured in the attack. She said she tried to protect Romeo and, in doing so, suffered wounds that will…

Mark McLean

Court of Appeals Dismisses Jury Award Because Case Brought Too Late

The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit recently tossed out a jury verdict awarding a cancer victim $300,000. The victim won her lawsuit alleging that the radiation she was exposed to at Hanford Nuclear Reserve caused her cancer. The Court of Appeals tossed out the verdict because it was not brought within the mandatory statute of limitations (the time period one has to bring…

Mark McLean

Mercer Island Priest Accused of Inappropriate Conduct

Father Dennis Kemp, Pastor at St. Monica’s Church on Mercer Island, has been suspended during the pendency of an investigation into allegations of inappropriate conduct with a minor. Details surrounding the allegations have not been released and the King County Prosecutors’ Office has declined to press charges.It appears that Father Kemp will not face criminal charges for the alleged conduct. …

Mark McLean

Home Depot Faces Lawsuit for Injuries Suffered from 600 Pound Box

Home Depot could be held liable to a Louisiana couple for injuries the wife suffered when she was struck by a 600-pound box that fell from one of the store’s shelves.A Louisiana couple has hit Home Depot Inc. with a lawsuit, asking the court to hold the home improvement giant accountable for the substantial injuries the wife allegedly sustained after being hit by a 600 pound box that fell from…

Mark McLean

Australian Official Recommends Criminal Charges in Cruise Ship Rape and Death

The 2002 rape and eventual killing of a cruise ship patron has led Australian officials to recommend criminal charges. Dianne Brimble died after a fellow cruise patron slipped her “Fantasy”, a date rape drug. P & O Cruises, associated with Carnival Cruise Line, apologized to the woman’s family.Our responsibility is to create an environment onboard our ships where we do all we can to make sure…