Seattle, Washington


Mike Myers

Maintenance and Cure

Ninety nine percent of fisherman and seafood processors don’t receive workers compensation. Instead they receive maintenance and cure.

Maintenance is meant to cover living expenses that the sick…

Mike Myers

Workplace Injuries – Who Comes Under Fire?

The Seattle Times ran a story about a construction worker injured at the Boeing Everett plant.

A man working on a construction project at the Boeing Everett plant was seriously injured in an…

Mike Myers

Workers Compensation Benefits a Small Piece of the Pie

After an on the job injury the first benefits a persons typically receives are through workers compensation. But those benefits typically aren’t full compensation. An example is provided by a…

Mike Myers

Death at Rainier Vista Construction Site Underscores Risks

Earlier this month a construction worker, Steven Dale Slee, was injured while working in a trench at a Rainier Vista construction project.  Seattle firefighters took Slee to Harborview Medical…

Mike Myers

Injured Workers and Third-Party Elections

I read a story in the Seattle Times this morning.  It reported that a man was burned and other injured when equipment made contact with a high-voltage power line.  The two men were painting a…

Mike Myers

Jobsite Injuries–Don't Overlook the Third Party Claim

You get hurt at work. You file a workers compensation claim. But that shouldn’t be the end of the story. Workers compensations claims yield significantly less money for injured workers than third-party personal injury claims. A good example appeared in the paper recently. Rolondo Dudley, 32, suffered a compound fracture on his right leg during a construction accident this past Friday. Dudley…

Mike Myers

General Contractor Could Be At-Fault In Worker's Fatal Fall from Crane

A construction worker died on Monday after falling 60 feet from a tower crane in Belltown. While working on condominiums located on Third Avenue and Battery Street the worker, a man in his 40s, slipped and fell while climbing a ladder to the crane’s cab. After landing on concrete below, the worker was taken to Harborview Medical Center, where he later died.The Department of Labor and…

Mike Myers

Construction Workers Injured on the Job Can Bring Suit for Unsafe Jobsites

A Seattle construction worker was injured on the job early Wednesday. The worker, a man in 20s, was about 50 feet down in a hole when he was hit with an air hose. The air hose hit the worker hard enough to cause cuts and bruising to his abdominal area. The injured man was rescued by firefighters who lowered a stretcher in to the hole and then used a crane to lift the man out. He was then…

Mike Myers

Construction Related Injuries Increasing

A 21-year old man from Bellevue was hit and killed by a dump truck Friday. The Bellevue man was attempting to cross Northeast 36th Street at the same time that the dump truck was turning onto Northeast 36th Street. At this time the police do not believe that the driver was at fault in this accident. With all the construction going on around Seattle injuries to both construction workers and even…

Mark McLean

Construction Accident Kills Tenino Man

A 28 year old Tenino man died last week when he slipped at an Olympia construction site, hit his head on a backhoe and fell 15 feet into a ditch. The construction site was operated by Olson Brothers Excavating, Inc. This was the second construction-related death in a week in Thurston County. Washington’s Industrial Insurance Act allows for fault-free “worker’s compensation” benefits to…