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Asking for Cruise Vouchers May Undermine Your Case

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Stop. Don’t do it. I know it may be tempting, but if you have been injured while aboard a cruise don’t write to the cruise line asking for free cruise vouchers. And don’t accept vouchers for discounted or free cruises, drinks, photographs or souvenirs that cruise ships will sometimes offer you up-front as compensation for your injuries. Accepting these vouchers may waive your right to file suit later. And even if it doesn’t preclude your claims it will definitely undermine them (and trivialize the seriousness of your injuries).

While asking for or accepting vouchers may be appropriate if you were simply disappointed with the service during your cruise, or if you had an item stolen by a crew member, don’t ask for vouchers when you were injured as a result of the line’s negligence. If you do, you’ll regret it later–Holland America, for one, will make a request for vouchers one of the focal points in its defense of your personal injury case.

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