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Big Mountain Backdrop for Ski Accident Litigation

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Assumption of risk is a huge issue in ski accident cases. The doctrine–which implicates the reasonable care of ski resorts and the personal responsiblity of skiers and riders–was a central issue in a recent case tried in front of the U.S. District Court in Helena, Montana.

A six-year-old was seriously injured in 2005. The accident took place in a highly congested area. According to an attorney for the injured child, the resort failed to safely route a confluence of skiers, snowboarders and pedestrians.

It’s out view that the resort should not be liable for injuries inherentin skiing and riding. But the resort should be liable when it contributes to or causes the injury.

Ski accident cases against resorts are tough but can be won. Ski accident cases against other skiers and riders are much easier to pursue and, in most instances, can be pursued just like motor vehicle accident claims.