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Cruise Ship May be Liable for On-Board Doctor's Negligence

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Traditionally, maritime rule provides that a cruise line should not be held liable for the negligence of its on board doctor. However, the Illinois Appellate Court disagreed with the rule. In a recent case, a passenger cut his foot and was treated by the ship’s doctor. He then sued the cruise line for the doctor’s negligence. The court reasoned that a passenger has no choice but to seek treatment from the on-board doctor when they are injured on board. Because a cruise line should anticipate illness at sea, on-board medical treatment is part of its business. Therefore, the cruise line could be held vicariously liable for the doctor’s medical negligence.

If you have been injured while on a cruise, you should contact a personal injury lawyer right away to discuss your options. Personal injury attorneys are able to maneuver within international legal systems and determine the liable parties for your injuries.