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Deciding Whether To Settle–It May Be Counter-Intuitive, But Don't Focus On The "Bottom Line"

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We’ve probably settled a 1000 cases. And without exception the clients–regardless of sophistication–are focused on how much they will net…on how much they will put in their pockets.

It’s difficult to have to tell them that their precise calculation of attorney fees, costs advance, insurance subrogation, etc. are IRRELEVANT to the decision whether to settle their cases.

The only relevant consideration (at the risk of some oversimplification) is how much is being offered in settlement as compared to how much will likely be obtained at trial. What the client is going to net–taken in isolation–means nothing. The decision to settle must be made based on the likely outcome at trial.

Sometimes attorneys will accept a case on a reduced contingent fee basis if you have serious damages and liability is clear. For answers to your questions, ask a personal injury attorney.