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Doctors Can Be Sued for Overstating Their Qualifications

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Resume fraud is a pervasive issue in the Seattle and throughout the state. Many people tend to exaggerate their accomplishments on their resumes. This is problematic in its own right but takes on especially significant proportions when the exaggeration is made by a physician.

In a decision by the New Jersey Supreme Court, it was held that doctors can be sued for misrepresenting their qualifications. In the pertinent case, a surgeon lied about his qualifications to a man who became a quadriplegic after an unsuccessful back surgery. In that case, the plaintiff needed surgery for a herniated disc in his back. The surgeon told him that he was board certified and performed hundreds of similar operations. After the surgery, the plaintiff discovered the surgeon wasn’t certified and performed the operation only a few dozen times.

If you obtained a less than satisfactory result as either the result of the surgery and have evidence that the doctor misrepresented his qualifications to you, you may have a claim and should contact a personal injury attorney.