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Injury Aboard Cruise Lines–Falling Overboard Less Likely than Slip and Fall

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A recent press release offered the following warning about Holland America and the other major cruise lines:

This Christmas break, unsuspecting college students and their parents may discover dangers on some cruise lines including serious injury and death. Newspapers, television and the Internet are reporting a number of injuries and deaths on cruise ships including disappearances and overboard falls.

While these are certainly (unacceptable) risks associated with cruising, the likelhood of falling overboard or being attacked by a cruise member is signfiicantly overshadowed by the risk of falling while walking around the vessel.

Cruise lines like Holland America like to point to the fact that thousands of passengers have safely traversed, e.g., the movie theater stairs. However, the fact that thousands have passengers have managed to avoid injury does not mean the theater stairs–or other features on the vessel–are safe.

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