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Making the Case Against a Bar or Tavern

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We’ve handled quite a few cases against bars and taverns.

They basically fall into two categories: drunk driving accidents and assaults.

The bar or tavern owner is responsible if they serve a person who is apparently intoxicated and that person gets into an accident or fight with a third party (the victim). The bar or tavern owner is also responsible if they serve a minor and the minor hurt himself or another person. (The bar or tavern isn’t responsible if they overserve an adult who gets into an accident and hurts himself.)

A great source of information that can be used quite effectively during the cross exam of the bar owner is the file maintained by the Bureau of Alcohol Control. It usually contains a wealth of information about undercover stings and prior infractions.

Even if the Bureau doesn’t have materials it’s certainly possible to create it yourself before filing suit. In many instances it’s possible to have a private investigator obtain video of bartenders serving very intoxicated patrons.

If you have any questions about cases involving a person who has been served/overserved at a bar or tavern please let me know. I’d be happy to answer them.