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Patients Risk Infection During Hospital Stay

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Each year, over 2 million people get an infection (unrelated to their medical treatment) during their hospital stays. Approximately 90,000 of those die from the infections. In February 2004, 88-year-old Mark Bennett entered a hospital with a bad cough. In just a few days, he had been exposed to at least 6 different bacterial infections. His leg swelled and became discolored. Then, within 4 months, he died.

This type of infection, often called a “nosocomial illness” is most often passed through healthcare workers’ hands, gloves, uniforms, bedrails and even stethoscopes. These infections are very dangerous because the bacteria can be drug resistant, as in the case of Mark Bennett. In addition, this problem is growing worse because the infection often cannot be treated with antibiotics.

If you or a loved one has suffered these types of infection, you should contact a personal injury attorney right away. A personal injury lawyer can discuss your options and preserve any claims you may have for the hospital’s negligence. For more information, please see the article: Your Hospital Stay Could Kill You.