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Snowboarder Dies of Suffocation on Mount Baker

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Matthew Aaron Chase, a 31-year old Bellingham man, died while snowboarding last Monday at the Mount Baker Ski Area. Mr. Chase, an expert snowboarder, was riding with a friend on an advanced-level run known as The Chute when he lost contact around 12:00 p.m. Mount Baker patrollers ultimately located Mr. Chase’s body at the base of a 15 foot rock wall seven hours later. He was upside down and totally buried by snow. The snow had apparently fallen onto Mr. Chase after he rode off the 15 foot drop.

The area where Mr. Chase was riding was marked by signs indicating an approaching hazard.

An autopsy determined that suffocation caused Mr. Chase’s death. He did not suffer significant injuries prior to suffocating. The coroner ruled the death accidental.

Mr. Chase is the second person to die at Mount Baker this year. The first, Trinity McQuair, died when he fell off a 125-cliff.

More information about Mr. Chase and Mr. McQuair’s accidents is available at the following links: Mount Baker Snowboarding Accident Claims Second Life; Snowboarder Killed in Accident on Mount Baker; Skier Killed In Fall On Mount Baker.