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Water-Skier's Leg Caught in Propeller

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A 12-year-old Pierce County girl was severely injured when her leg was entangled in a boat propeller after she fell while water-skiing in Horsehead Bay, in Carr Inlet. The girl had been skiing behind one boat and was run over by a second boat. Rescuers from the Gig Harbor Fire Department held the girl’s head above water for about an hour while divers worked frantically to remove the propeller and free her leg. The girl was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center.

This is similar to the situation in which Chandler Balkman, a 16 year old from Issaquah, was injured and subsequently had his leg amputated. Because this young girl’s injuries were caused by another party, her family may make a claim for her injuries, medical care costs and suffering against the driver of the boat that struck her.