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We Don't Return Client Phone Calls

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All right. That’s a bit of an exaggeration. We do return client phone calls.

But my point is that we don’t receive very many client phone calls. That’s because we proactively update clients so they don’t need to call.

Not only do we copy clients on all correspondence, pleadings, discovery and expert reports, we also send monthly updates. The monthly updates summarize what has happened in the case and describe upcoming events. It also offers guidance and opinions to help clients make informed choices about their cases.

One of the most frequent complaints we hear regarding other lawyers – particularly when we take over a case that was originally handled by another attorney – is that they don’t provide clients with enough information about their cases. They’re busy when clients call and they don’t return phone calls.

That’s just about the polar opposite of our firm. We provide clients with so much information that they rarely need to call. That being said, we’re always happy to speak with clients on the phone or set up meetings at their homes or our office.