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Why You Shouldn't Settle Your Own Claim

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The terrorist attacks of 9/11 affected our nation as a whole. Part of that affect was felt in personal injury litigation. Following 9/11 jury verdicts dropped precipitously.

As a result of declining jury verdicts, insurance companies began offering less money to settle personal injury claims. There is a direct relationship between their perceived risk at trial and the amount offered at settlement.

As a result of these reduced settlement offers, it has become increasingly important for claimants to consult with and obtain the assistance of personal injury counsel. While it may have been possible for claimants to obtain adequate settlements on their own in years past, that is no longer the case.

Studies indicate that represented persons receive approximately three times as much as unrepresented persons. Even factoring in the attorney’s contingency (typically one third of the amount recovered) this means that represented persons do twice as well as unrepresented persons.

This is a straight forward decision. In fact, there really isn’t a decision to make. If you have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, it is paramount to obtain the services of a personal injury attorney. Virtually all personal injury attorneys will work on a contingent basis. That means that they collect no fee unless there is a recovery in your case. Further, they do not require up front payment.