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Justice Tom Chambers Failed to Report Accident

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State Supreme Court Justice Tom Chambers crashed his motorcycle but failed to report the accident, even though the woman riding with him was injured badly enough to need treatment at an emergency room. Chambers, 62, confirmed the accident to The Seattle Times but said he didn’t know he was required to report it to the police. He said he figured he did what was required by taking the woman to the emergency room. The woman — Carrie Brown, 54, — suffered a broken collarbone and wound up with a severe bruise on her side. Chambers said he had notified his insurance company of the accident. He said his failure to notify the police was an oversight and that he would file a report.

Sometimes injured passengers are reluctant to make claims against friends or family members, but they shouldn’t be reluctant. This is exactly why their friends and family members purchased insurance. Not making a claim only serves to benefit the insurance company.