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Make Sure Your Child Attends a Licensed Day Care

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We’ve written before about abuse in nursing homes and other facilities for our parents and grandparents. But abuse can affect our children and grandchildren too.

In Washington, persons caring for (1) children to whom they are nott related for (2) a fee must be licensed. Unfortunately unlicensed day-care facilities are operating across the State.

If a day-care is unlicensed there are no stated inspections and absolutely zero oversight. You don’t know what you’re getting and even more importantly, you don’t know what kind of care your children are going to receive.

It’s vital to make sure the day-care facility is licensed and has adequate insurance coverage in case an accident happens.

This really brings to the forefront how risky it is to use an unlicensed care facility; the rules are there for a reason,” he said. “Do your research, that’s the message.”