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Gig Harbor Woman Mauled in Pit Bull Attack

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Sue Ann Gorman of Gig Harbor was mauled by two pit bulls in her home Tuesday morning. The pit bulls entered the house through an unsecured pet door in Ms. Gorman’s home. Ms. Gorman was sleeping beside her neighbor’s Jack Russell Terrier, Romeo. Romeo was killed and Ms. Gorman was severely injured in the attack.

She said she tried to protect Romeo and, in doing so, suffered wounds that will require multiple surgeries.

The pit bulls were owned by another of Ms. Gorman’s neighbors. Apparently, this was not the first of the pit bulls’ attacks.

Under Washington law, dog owners are strictly liable for injuries caused by pets. Also, the Washington legislature intelligently abolished the antiquated law that “every dog gets one free bite.” Liability for a dog attack is often covered under the owner’s homeowner’s insurance policy–which would help victims of such attacks recover on a potential judgment or settlement.