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Abuses Reported at Alan Ritchey Plant

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The Seattle PI ran an interesting story about the Alan Ritchey plant in Auburn, Washington. The story appears at the following link: Playing By The Rules Brings Trouble.

Alan Ritchey is a fascinating company. In addition to running an MTESC center in Auburn, it engages in a number of other businesses. More about the MTESC center can be found at the following link: ARI MTESC.

Alan Ritchey is currently the defendant in two lawsuits brought under the False Claims Act. In those cases the plaintiffs–acting on behalf of the United States–claim that ARI defrauded the Postal Service by submitting falsified claims for payment to the Postal Service.

Our firm represents one of the relators (a plaintiff in the qui tam litigation against ARI). We would appreciate hearing from persons who have knowledge of wrongdoing at the ARI facility in Auburn or at other ARI plants.