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This year we decided to remodel our house. It was a big undertaking and significant financial investment so we wanted to make sure we “got it right”. We scoured the Internet and asked everyone we know for references. Finally we identified the two best residential contractors in Seattle.

We gave them our plans and specifications and asked them to bid the job. Both were somewhat reluctant to undertake any project valued at less than $1,000,000. But we persisted. Both contractors eventually agreed to provide bids.

The bids came back at about twice as much as we wanted to spend. They both included layers and layers of overhead: project managers, project superintendents, project forepersons, etc.

Eventually we realized that we were trying to hire the wrong kind of contractor for the job. Both firms with which we spoke were qualified to do the work…but we weren’t their target customers.

We realized that we should be looking for a smaller contracting firm that was on its way up. We eventually found a great young contractor with terrific references. He is on the job every day and doesn’t have three layers of management.

Hiring a personal injury attorney is not unlike hiring a contractor. You need to find a firm that focuses on cases like yours.

There are lots of really well regarded personal injury attorneys in Seattle. But most of them only want to deal with cases involving “catastrophic” injuries. Our firm is different. The bulk of our cases involve soft tissue injuries, broken bones and head injuries. That’s our niche. Over time that might change. But right now a client with $5,000 in medical bills receives our full attention and the best representation we can offer. The personal injury attorneys you read about in the paper don’t take smaller cases.

Not only do we take cases like yours, we put 100 percent of our time and resources into the case to make sure we maximize its value.

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