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Consultation with an attorney following any traumatic brain injuries it is important to remember reason. The first and most obvious is where there will inevitably be – legal action. Common examples where this is done is a motor vehicle accident.

In addition to circumstances where there will be a legal action there are many other reasons why it is important to consult with an attorney after suffering a brain injury. For instance, an attorney can maximize public benefits such as Social Security disability benefits. Further, they can assist with benefits available through Medicare and private health insurance, disability insurance and PIP (personal injury protection) coverage.

Like with any other profession, not all attorneys are qualified to provide this type of assistance. It is important that you make sure the attorney with whom you consult has experience handling personal injury actions involving brain injuries and also maximizing the benefits available to persons who suffered brain injuries.

Clearly, money is a concern after suffering a traumatic brain injury. However, the majority of experienced personal injury attorneys who assist people with brain injuries will not only consult with persons, but will also handle their cases on a contingent basis. The term contingency – when applied in this context – means that the attorney will represent the injured person (and their family) for a fee that is payable only when there is a recovery from the at-fault party – this means that the injured person or their family does not have to pay any money up front and in the unlikely event there is no recovery, does not have to pay any fee to the attorney.

For more information on this subject, please refer to our subject on Head and Brain Injuries.

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